Week of 3/7

I’m still trying to plough through The Count of Monte Cristo. I’m currently at page 745 – so, another 700 pages to go. I hope I wrap it up before I leave for India. I also picked up “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki” by Haruki Murakami. I didn’t like Murakami’s last book 1Q84 that much, but I’m hoping I like this one better.

Finally, completed watching House of Cards season 4. I liked season 4 a lot more than season 3(which I felt was a damp squid). House of cards has always been about power play. Consequently,  a game-of-who-blinks-first between Frank and Clair Underwood was so much fun…

Played a little bit with Apache nutch and elastic search for a personal project – hopefully, I will have something to demo next weekend.

Favorite tweet(storm) of this week – an interesting argument against the common belief that multi-tasking is bad for you. If you haven’t heard of this guy before you should definitely subscribe to his site – ribbonfarm.com; or at least read this series of post called The Gervais Principle